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Prevent your employees resigning this New Year

Written on the 10 July 2013 by Lynne Brook - Brook Personnel

The beginning of the New Year often spells new resolutions. For some employees who may have felt unappreciated and disengaged in 2012, that may mean "new year, new career”.

With the high cost of replacing valued employees, employers should perhaps be considering a different new years resolution - how to retain your top performers.

To avoid the risk of losing key employees, employers must give careful consideration to retention strategies right from the outset of 2012. The New Year gets everyone thinking about how to improve their quality of life, with a common resolution to find a new job. If employees aren’t feeling valued or engaged, they may decide that the New Year is the right time to look for a new challenge or a position where their efforts will be appreciated.

Combatting the trend of a high turnover in the New Year is as easy as implementing a few simple retention strategies. The first step is to focus on communicating the employee’s future within the organisation. Brook Personnel recommends the following five tips:

1. Take advantage of the new year, and use it as a platform for recognition of excellence. Recognise employees’ achievements from the past year and encourage managers to thank employees personally for their hard work from the previous year.

2. Demonstrate a future with your organisation. Sit down with key employees to develop a personal development plan for the next 12 months and show employees just how exciting the year ahead can be with your organisation.

3. Offer training and development opportunities. Your best employees want to grow as professionals, so ensure your business caters to their needs. Find new training solutions for the New Year and encourage key staff to learn new skills and knowledge, on the job, with training, seminars or books.

4. Encourage a positive and social work environment. Research has consistently shown that its "the people they work with" as a key reason for leaving or staying. Encourage group activities and team-bonding. Inexpensive activities include things  like Jeans Fridays or team morning teas. All these help build strong working relationships and reduce tension.

5. Make employee feedback count. Demonstrate that you value their ideas by giving your staff a formal avenue for feedback.  Start an ideas program and give out fun awards for the best ideas. You may be surprised at how well staff know your business and where it can be improved for boosts in profitability, productivity and innovation.

In summary, keeping your employees happy, is the key to reducing recruitment costs within your business, however we all know it cannot be avoided sometimes.  When you next recruit, validate and provide additional information to help assess the suitability of different candidates, by performing a skills test.  If you want to learn more about skills testing and implementing it into your business, click here for further details on our skills testing process


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Author: Lynne Brook - Brook Personnel