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Psychological Testing


Now you can get inside the minds of your candidates to discover what really makes them tick!

Where appropriate, Brook Personnel can offer full psychological appraisals on recruitment assignments. All appraisals are conducted and interpreted by a Registered Psychologist and a copy of the written reports and results are made available to you.

Psychological appraisals are particularly powerful when combined with a complete recruitment selection process. An individual’s work performance can be enhanced through greater understanding of their values, behaviour and communication style. The Psychological Assessment reviews intelligence, interests, personality and temperament. They can provide objective comment and can assess more accurately:

  • An individual’s capacity for learning, understanding, and problem solving in the particular work you want them to do
  • Their motivation for the role and how to enhance it
  • An individual’s style and how it is likely to fit with your clients, suppliers and other employees
  • Their personality or behavior style when under stress, or as a response to their environment

These appraisals can be a valuable tool when:

  • Comparing a number of individuals with regard to their suitability for a particular position.
  • Assessing an employee’s attitude and aptitude for promotional opportunities.
  • Conducting Work Performance Reviews, and
  • Career Counselling

Available Types of Psychological Tests:

  • Verbal, Numeric, Mechanical, and Abstract Reasoning
  • Personality / Intelligence testing
  • Team Interaction Exercises
  • Stress and coping skills
  • Sales ability
  • Occupational interests
  • Integrity
  • Motivation and Interpersonal sensitivity
  • Critical Thinking in a position
  • Work interests and values

The results from some of these psychological tests can be examined to identify work related behaviours such as leadership potential, making decisions, interacting with others, initiative, personal adjustment, problem solving patterns, stress and coping, career interests, creativity, and self-esteem.

For more information about how psychological testing could help you to make the best recruitment decision for your business, please contact us by clicking here.